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St. Thomas Travel Guide

St. Thomas Travel Guide || Beach photography inspiration, island food, island itinerary and much, much more! || IG: @pearlsnplanes

Are you heading to the Caribbean islands soon? This trip took us to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. After spending a few days there we are in LOVE. I have visited a few islands in the Caribbean and St. Thomas was so clean and beautiful. I have been looking forward to sharing with you our tips, experiences and itinerary with you all.

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Day one (check-in day)

St. Thomas’s airport is the picture-perfect airport. The airport is one of those that the passengers exit off the plane onto the tarmac. As you unload off of the plane you are instantly shown the beauty of St. Thomas. Once we received our rental car we headed over to our Airbnb. we enjoyed the ocean view while grabbing a bite to eat at the Margaritaville (this place becomes a frequent spot for us during our stay).

Day two (St, John day)

The next time we stay we will be staying on the island of St. John. The beaches are beautiful and there was a lot more to do as far as dining and shopping than St. Thomas. Maho Beach is a must-visit when visiting St. John! As soon as we got off of the ferry we rented snorkeling gear at a snorkel shop (it was $20 for the day for 2 people). We got on a taxi and headed over to the beach (it is NOT walking distance we tried). This cove is home to lots of wildlife including donkeys and sea turtles. We snorkeled all day with sea turtles and it is my favorite travel memory thus far. It was incredible to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat enjoying seaweed.

Day three (Island tour day)

On the third day, we toured the island of St. Thomas. We hopped into our Jeep around 9 AM and took off. At first, we had a destination but after navigating with the spotty service we just drove until we ended up at a beach. The first beach we landed at was Magnus Bay, which is known to be the most beautiful public beach on the island. We brought chairs and sat in the shade for a while before heading out. Some of the beaches that we had planned on visiting were not open to the public. Be prepared to take a few wrong turns, be mindful of that. Roads can easily turn into someone’s private driveway. Once we completed our island tour we had lunch at the Margaritaville (we liked their drinks the best on the island) and we hopped on the ferry to St. John for one last stroll around the local shops.

Day four (Go Home Day)

Our flight did not take off until 2 PM; we usually do not have late flights like that so we took the time to walk around the bay and boat marina that the Airbnb was apart of. Once we packed up and headed back a little early to the airport we took the scenic route for one last view of the beautiful island.


Where to shop:

The shopping area in St. Thomas was not open when the cruise boats were not there. We drove up to the cruise port to check it out but were disappointed to find most of it closed. We headed over to St. John to shop at the local shops we love hand made art. Have you heard about the local fishing hook bracelets? It is a local signature look. The hook bracelets tell the story about a fisherman who kept losing his wedding band leading to his wife creating this bracelet that represents that they are both ‘taken’. If the hook is faced toward your heart that symbolizes your heart as taken. If it faces away from you then you are available. I am a sucker for a story like that; I got mine in sterling silver!

Airbnb vs resort?

We went with an Airbnb! The resorts on St. Thomas are great! The Airbnb options were cheaper for us. We found the resorts to be a little out of date for the price. You can find a beautiful Airbnb in a great location for half the price of an all-inclusive. 

Should we rent a car?

YES! The taxis tend to be unreliable and pricey. They charge you for everything (per person, bags, waiting fee etc).  We rented a Jeep, which was the coolest ride we have ever rented. The top came off and we immediately became Caribbean natives. (So we thought after driving around we realized only tourists have jeeps for the most part).

**They drive on the left side of the road and I do not recommend renting a car if you are not a confident driver

Phone service

AT&T has the best phone service on the island. If you have Wi-Fi connection all carriers work fine. My phone only worked when we had an Internet connection (I have Verizon Wireless). With that being the case when locating a restaurant or destination be sure to mark it on your phone before you leave your Airbnb or resort. We followed the maps by following the satellite.


Arriving at St. Thomas you do not need a passport to enter the island. However, when exiting the island you will need to show your passport. Make sure to stay ahead and arrive at least 2 hours prior to departure the lines get long. They do have TSA Precheck by the way.

Traveling to a new destination is always an unforgettable experience with my travel buddy. We are forever grateful to have the opportunity to see the world. In addition, thank you for following along with our travels. 

P.S. My heart goes out to the islands. I wish them a speedy recovery from hurricane Dorian.

*This post may contain links to Amazon or other partners; that means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost for you. For more information click here. 

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