What To Pack On Vacation

The best packing list for every traveler

Travel season is here and I am so excited! In October we are planning a mini weekend outside of Washington D.C. My goal this year is to see the leaves after they change color. We live in Florida, and I had never experienced ‘fall’ until last year with Kyle.

I have collected a list of my travel necessities that I currently can’t go anywhere without. The items that I cannot travel without. The list is a small purse size list guaranteed to make your travels easier. The best way to be sure you never are without an item is to keep a packing list.

P.S. I created a basic packing list for your upcoming travel plans. It’s FREE to print out. You can find it at the bottom of this blog.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whenever I travel I like to bring a cheap pair of headphones to watch the in-flight entertainment. Usually the airline we fly hands them out for free for or a small price depending on where you are seated.

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

When finding the right-hand sanitizer I tend to lean more toward an organic brand, or one that is alcohol-free. 

Travel size deodorant

I like to refresh throughout my travel day. Having a travel size deodorant is something I never leave without even when we are not traveling. 

‘Down there’ wipes

I have a refresh routine that I do in the bathroom after the flight. I also shower the day we get in, but usually, we explore the area or grab a bite to eat before I have the opportunity to shower. Out of all of the feminine wipes, these bad boys are my go-to.

Hydrating lip balm

My lips dry out every time I fly. If you like something that has a hint of color and shines as I do, I highly recommend this item. This lip balm by Smith’s Rosebud is the real deal.

A Page Turning Book

A good book makes the travel time pass by. When I travel I like to read and take breaks in between my reading. I can’t read for long periods on planes because I begin to feel a little woozy from looking down. I am currently reading a book written by J.K. Rowlings. Check it out here

Basic Hair Accessories 

I usually wear my hair down every day even when I fly. Every once in those unexpected long travel days sneak up on you. I am always prepared with a stash of hair ties and bobby pins in my purse. The stash is perfect for when ‘i just can’t’ anymore. 

Do you have an upcoming trip? Do you not know what to pack? Download and print my FREE basic packing template. 



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