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Are you done the shopping for the holidays, or are you a last-minute shopper? I like to buy gifts at the beginning, but then I spend the remainder of the month buying smaller gifts. We always travel for the holidays, so we have to be done Christmas shopping at least a week before that way we can send our gifts. Worrying about shipping out the items can be a pain. For those who travel for the holidays, it can be tricky to find gifts for everyone that can effortlessly fit into a suitcase. I have gathered my favorite travel secure items for this year’s holiday season.

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Mapiful is the ideal gift for your friend, who has a passion for travel. This company can capture any particular place or moment. The map comes rolled perfectly inside a tube, making it easy to travel with. Right now, Mapiful is running a holiday special. The special is if you buy 3 items, then you will receive 25% off! Plus, free shipping worldwide!

Bootay Bag:

Sifting through bins of underwear and waiting until the 7 for $27 deal is so last year. The cute packaging and underwear is a win for me! I adore this company. Forget wrapping presents. They send the cutest underwear right to your door month-to-month.


Comrad Socks:

Everyone enjoys a great pair of socks! These compression socks are not your grandma’s compression socks. They are comfy and perfect for those who are on their feet all day or that are frequent travelers.


Everyone has a favored snack. Christmas is a perfect time to give everyone their go-to treat.

DIFF Eyewear:

For your digital enthusiasts, blue light blocking glasses are a great gift. Protect your friends’ eyes by buying them these cute blue-light-blocking shades. My blue-blocking glasses save my life during my long days behind the screen.


Corkicle cup:

Gosh, can these cup designs get any more adorable? Buy your wine loves a cute reusable wine glass that will keep their drink chilled. If the person who you are buying for is not into wine, any cup from Corkicle is a winner in my eyes.


If you’re like me, then you love your stationery! Anything from Rifle Paper Co or Papier will make me happy. Buy your organized friend all of the stationery of their dreams. These two brands have something for everyone.

Something hand made:

Everyone appreciates the thought that goes into a handmade gift. Check out this recipe for a peppermint body scrub. All you need is peppermint essential oil, sugar, natural coconut oil, and mason jars. Click here for the complete recipe (I do not own or take credit for this recipe).

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